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Thuburbo Majus

Welcome to Eric and Christine's website. We are going to try ("try" being the operative word!) to go around the world by bicycle. We are not heroes or stars, we are just regular people who feel the need to discover the world, to spend part of our lives discovering other people, other landscapes and other customs, as simply as possible.

And if you are wondering, "Why by bicycle?", then we would answer: "So we can take it slow” -- that’s it, just taking it slowly, without making noise, without polluting, taking it slowly and gently.

And if you happen to be interested in our stories, take a look at our pictures and read our journal…

         Current location and plans for the upcoming days

Bar à Melaka

Malaisie, Melaka, km 60'789, January 5, 2015

Nous avons descendu la côte ouest malaisienne et découvert la très belle et intéressante ville de Melaka (ex-Malacca) où nous sommes depuis 10 jours. Ici, les musulmanes voilées côtoient les Chinoises sexy dans les mêmes lieux de détente. Nous prendrons un ferry pour Dumai sur l'île de Sumatra en Indonésie, probablement demain.

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